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At APL Aberdeen we take pride in the work we do for our customers. You can rely on us if you're stuck or locked out or you can use our wide range of renovation and handyman services. Our employees are experienced, qualified specialists with accumulated knowledge about all modern types of repair. With an excellent, professional tool base, we guarantee the highest quality of materials and works.

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From the installation of doors and doorframes to designing and integrating master key systems, we make sure that the products we provide work properly and meet all codes as required by the job. We collaborate with customers and suppliers to supply and install hardware correctly and on time. Rest assured, if you need work done at home, APL Aberdeen can help.


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Useful Information

We are working during COVID-19

October 11th

As per government guidelines we are following all recomendations:

keep washing your hands regularly

wear a face covering in enclosed spaces

stay at least 2 metres apart - or 1 metre with a face covering or other precautions

You can still get a tradesperson to carry out work on your home during the pandemic.

But before you do, ask yourself if the job is essential. Is it stopping you from getting on with important daily tasks? Will you be in danger if it’s not completed? If the answer to these questions is yes, look into getting a tradesperson.

But before they start, check what measures they’re putting in place for social distancing.

The company should always maintain a two-metre distance and wear PPE (personal protective equipment). They should also outline what they’re doing to monitor the health of their staff.

For bigger companies you should be able to find their response to coronavirus on their website. But for smaller companies you may have to ring and ask.

If you’re shielding, you should avoid any non-essential work on your house. But if it’s an urgent repair - like a problem with plumbing, gas or electricity, or anything dangerous - talk to your chosen tradesperson about your options.

If you have coronavirus symptoms you shouldn’t let a tradesperson into your home.

Useful Information

15 interesting facts about construction

October 12th

1. The Great Pyramid of Giza was the tallest structure in the world for over 3,800 years.

2. Concrete has been the most popular building material throughout history.

3. The steam engine revolutionized construction transportation.

4. The average age of a construction worker today is 42 years old.

5. Younger generations are less interested in the construction industry.

6. Although the industry is growing, there is currently a shortage of construction workers.

7. World War II encouraged women to enter the construction industry.

8. Women comprise only 9.9 percent of construction workers in the field today.

9. By 2020, women will account for 25 percent of the construction workforce.

10. There are currently 1712.1 million tons of steel being used in the world today.

11. There has been a 239 percent growth of drone use in the construction industry in the past year.

12. The construction industry labor shortage has created a technological boom.

13. Construction rentals make up 47 percent of industry revenue.

14. Construction equipment rentals encourage private projects.

15. The average time of construction rentals is six days.

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